Penthouse, Holland Park

Parkland Court is a late 1950’s five storey building located in Holland Park, London. Following the success of Viewside Lodge, the Pirton Ltd was invited to tender for a vertical extension to the property, and Jim Garland Architects was appointed to undertake the feasibility study. A number of issues stood out; fire escape was courtesy of a single communal staircase, external walls lacked any insulation, and the communal lift was at the end of its life and so small to be of limited value, particularly with regard to disabled access.


Our proposals addressed the poor thermal performance by over cladding the existing external walls with an insulated render system, an approach which not only transformed the U values of this element, but also avoided a visual break between the original building and the new steel frame construction above.


The sub standard access and cramped communal areas were resolved by the addition of a new 10 person lift serving all floors and placed outside of the buildings original footprint. This gave three benefits. Firstly, the lift would be structurally separated from the existing building thus avoiding noise transmission into the existing apartments. Secondly, the cramped communal stair which wrapped around the original lift could be transformed into a spacious open stair, and thirdly, the new lift tower could be used as a compositional device to the front street elevation.


Working closely with RBKC Planning and Building Control Departments, permissions were secured for the construction of a total of 3 penthouses plus upgrading works to the building and its grounds Construction was completed in 2010, and has changed the property beyond recognition. The new apartments were very well received and sold promptly and to target values. Jim Garland Architects Ltd is now working on 2 further projects for the same developer.