Viewside Lodge

Viewside Lodge is a 3-storey apartment block situated in a prominent corner position within the Crouch End Conservation Area. Built circa 1959 from light beige coloured concrete bricks and topped with an asphalt covered flat roof, it was of poor visual and constructional quality and detracted from the local streetscape.


The client brief was for a comprehensive package of refurbishment and improvements to the building as a whole including two additional flats on the existing roof space. Our aim was to enhance the positive aspects of the existing building whilst overcoming its aesthetic and technical limitations.


A double curved roof double acknowledges the importance of the elevation to the street whilst minimising impact on the neighbouring property to the north.  The corners are further emphasised by a set back and curtain glazing to the external terraces, providing a lightness to the over sailing roof form and contrasting with the solid form of the lower floors.


The use of an insulated external render covers the join between new and old, masks previously exposed concrete lintels and allows the underlying modernist proportions of the original building to be read. The emerging modernist style was then reinforced by other elements such as the double curved glass block stairwell and new entrance porch.


The degree of enhancement enabled by this scheme has surprised both developer client and other flat owners, leading to further similar commissions for the Architect.